Located in Markham, Ontario, Canada Cleantech Capital Inc. is a Hi-Tech clean energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection company currently focussing on promoting low-carbon green technologies and development of future cities, eco-communities and green buildings.

  • Led by famous environmental scientist and cleantech entrepreneur Dr. You-Zhi Tang, the company consists of a group of multi-disciplinary scientists, engineers, architects, and other professionals with a diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • We have established long-term strategic partnerships with several eco-developers and green builders, and strive to apply advanced low-carbon clean technologies and green building technologies for developing sustainable communities.
  • Our key personnel have provided policy and planning advices to governments and businesses in Canada and China with respect to low carbon economy development and cleaner production promotion. We are also involved in policy and technology supports to planning, design and construction of several eco-communities in Canada and China.
  • We are currently developing the Sunny Orient Sailing Harbour, Emerald Orient Eco-Community, and Silver Orient Magic City in Guangdong, and also participating in several green real estate development projects in other provinces in China.

What Is Cleantech?

Clean technology (CT) in general refers to technologies related to environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy. It includes (but not limited to) the following:

    • Clean energy
      • Biofuels (syngas, bio-oil, bio-gas, bio-diesel)
      • Coal (clean coal, coal to liquids)
      • Solar PV, solar thermal, wind, wave, geothermal
    • Energy storage, transportation, hydrogen
    • Energy efficiency (smart buildings, smart grid, metering, appliances, vehicles)
    • Waste processing (RDF)
    • CO2 management (trading models, sequestration)
    • Environmental solutions
      • Water analysis, filtration, purification
      • Air testing and processing
      • Soil and waste remediation
    • Sustainable community/city, green living and green building technologies

In addition to its environmental benefits, Cleantech must bring values to the society as well as investors. In the past 5 years, cleantech (CT) has surpassed IT (information technology) and bio-tech to become the technology sector with the fastest growth in attracting venture capital investment.

Why Canada Cleantech Capital?

  •  Pressing global issues:
    • Climate change (global warming)
    • Energy security (local self-sufficiency)
    • Reduced environmental impact
    • Water shortages and waste proliferation
  • International opportunity:
    • Increasing public awareness in environmental protection and sustainable development
    • Severe pollution and urgent demands for solutions in developing countries
    • Demand to house billions of people using most energy efficient and environmentally friendly building technologies
  • Huge profitability potential:
    • New energy regulations globally to promote renewable energy
    • Government programs and incentives to promote green living
    • Sustainable community and eco-city
    • Cleantech markets in emerging economic powerhouses such as China and India are booming
    • Growing attention from investors on cleantech and low-carbon economy

Guided and managed by recognized industrial experts, Canada Cleantech Capital Inc. (CCTC) is positioned to capitalize on the global cleantech opportunities by providing you with high quality professional services and business packages including green living architectural technologies, designs and products.

Canada Cleantech Capital Summary

  • Sector focus: Sustainable community and eco-city development; green, net-zero building technologies and materials; energy efficiency technologies and products; and small scale commercial and residential renewable energy applications
  • Geographic focus: North America and China
  • Toronto based professional team supported by a well connected and experienced group of directors and advisors.
  • Excellent technology base in North America and China
  • CCTC is poised to bring investors / shareholders with exceptional financial return.